Rewriting the Most Critical System in The World

But first, we need to go back to the source.

Sticky figure character sits in front of desk, staring at a blank computer screen. The desk oversees an expansive view of a busy city landscape.

The System of Genesis

Circular diagram with three nodes: reality, knowledge, and “new world”. Each node links unidirectionally to the next node, with each link having a label. From “reality” to “knowledge”, the label is “learn”. From “knowledge” to “new world”, the label is “create”. From “new world” to “reality”, the label is “educate”.

Studying (in) One of the Largest Systems in The World

Kid riding a bicycle down a 45-degree incline with an ACME rocket strapped to the bicycle. There is a ramp at the end of the incline.

System Theory and the Theories Behind The System

View of classroom from the perspective of someone standing in the back. There are several rows of desks with students seated and looking at a whiteboard while an instructor points at the writing on the board.

“From thought to structures, from structures to thought.”

Circular diagram with three nodes representing the phases of an equilibration cycle in constructivist learning theory. Next to a node labeled “equilibrium”, there are a few people with the sign of checkmarks next to them. Next to a node labeled “assimilate”, some of the checkmarks are replaced by question marks. Next to a node labeled “accommodate”, all checkmarks and question marks are replaced by light-bulb signs.

Going to Production, From Theory To Practice

Panoramic view of a landscape from the perspective of a distant viewer. In the first plane, there are some nearby trees. In the next plane, a lake reflecting the hills and trees in the back. There is a small child standing at the margin of the lake.

Parting Thoughts



Operations architect, corporate observer, software engineer, inventor. @dnastacio

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Denilson Nastacio

Operations architect, corporate observer, software engineer, inventor. @dnastacio